I Know Who's Trying To Kill Me

I Know Who's Trying To Kill Me

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I saw him standing there,holding a sharp object.There was a girl crying before him."Please,I didn't do anything",she sobbed,"Let me go".She was strapped tight to the chair.
And he started to cut her.She let out blood curdling screams.
And it happened right before me.Suddenly his head turned to me.My heart started to pace.I wanted to run but I juct couldn't."Minako",I heard him say.He started to get closer to me.He held up a sharp object and jammed it into me as everything went white.

Wantanabe Minako
17 years old

Kwon JiYong
19 years old

U-Know Yunho

Chapter 1

"Minako!",Hiro shook me.I was sweating and I was tearing,I didn't know why."Bad dream again?",asked Hiro,"I know,dont tell me".I just sat there looking at the wall,still shivering.
Hiro sat next to me,"Nothing will happen,He could be gone now".Hiro left the room."But what if he's not,what if he's still after our city?",Minako asked herself.


"Hyung!",yelled SeungRi,"Have you heard about,Kenta?".
"Kenta?",said Jiyong,"Who the hell's that?".DaeSung and TaeYang stared into the T.V."Aish,Hyung!",yelled SeungRi,
"Quickly come,I don't want to rewind!".Jiyong sighed and walked into the living room."Ok,what's Kenta?",he asked.
"No,who's Kenta?",said DaeSung,not taking his eyes off the T.V.,"He's a m-murderer".The word sent shivers down all of their spines."Murderer?",squeaked Jiyong,"Here in Osaka?".


"Our schedule has been busy!",ChangMin complained."Shush,ChangMin",said Junsu watching T.V.
"Hyung!",yelled ChangMin."Shut Up!",Junsu yelled back,"This is important"."How could watching T.V. possibly be important?",muttered ChangMin muttered as he walked over to the T.V.He touched Junsu's arm,it was cold.Then he stared in the T.V. and his skin became cold as well."M-m-m",ChangMin stuttered."Murderer",Junsu said,way louder than he thought.Yunho overheard and walked into the living room."What did you say?",Yunho said quietly,but also in an intimidating way.Junsu pointed to the T.V.,"Just look",he whispered.Yunho read the info the T.V. gave him."Oh my god!",he exclaimed,making Junsu and ChangMin turn with afraid expressions on."This is so...",started Junsu.
He never did finish,he just sat there in shock."What's his name?",Yunho said firmly."K-kenta",shivered ChangMin,"His record is u-unbelievable".


Minako was walking with Hiro,it wasn't safe to be walking around without someone.She bumped into someone,she backed away quickly."Oh,sorry",he said backing away.Minako just looked at him."Do I know you?",Minako asked,staring at his eyes.He was starting to look in her eyes,but in confusion.
"Jiyong",said SeungRi,approaching him,"Lets go".Jiyong looked at him with angry eyes,"Shut up,the killer can be anywhere"."Let's go",said Hiro,"We'll miss our train".
He pulled Minako,leaving Jiyong to stand with SeungRi.
"Jiyong...",said a voice,whispering actually.Jiyong jumped.
"What?",asked SeungRi,staring at the shocked Jiyong.
"Did anyone say my name?",he asked worried."No,maybe you imagined it?",replied SeungRi.'No,I swore I heard it',thought Jiyong."Jiyong...",whispered the voice again,angrier."C'mon lets go",said Jiyong,getting scared.
"Ok,Ok,calm down",sighed SeungRi.

Chapter 2

"Changmin",said Jaejoong,"Can you take out the trash?".
Changmin ignored him."CHANGMIN!",yelled Jaejoong.He handed him a trash bag.Changmin quickly ran out threw the trash,and came back."God,Changmin",muttered Jaejoong as he took a seat.
Yoochun walked in the living room,"Whats on?",he asked.
No one answered."God,its like-",he started,"Changmin,whats wrong?".Changmin just sat there,scared."Changmin",Jaejoong said as he shook him,"He's frozen or something".


Minako was outside of her door,"God,which key?",she muttered.
A guy was walking past her and bumped into her.She let out a ear-piercing scream,making the guy clench his teeth and cover his ears."Who are you?!",she screamed.The guy looked at her,it was Yunho."Oh my god",said Minako,"U-Know Yunho!".
He ignored that."Why were you screaming?",he asked.Minako
started to shake."K-kenta",she whispered.Yunho was tired of hearing about this."Why are you so scared of him?",he asked in an annoyed tone."My friend is dead because of that monster!",Minako screamed,"Lifelong friends,now she's gone".
Minako started to cry,Yunho hugged her."Don't cry",he soothed her."How can't I?",Minako sobbed,"I lost my best friend!!".Yunho hugged her tighter,but he really had nothing to say.


DaeSung looked at a picture of a girl and sighed."Fumiko.
I was supposed to be there for you",he said solemnly,
"Now you're gone,I miss you".A tear dropped from his face to the picture of Fumiko."Come back",he cried.
In the other room was Jiyong who was thinking about the voice he heard."Who was that?",he said to himself,"I have too much on my mind".He got up and decided to take a walk.

"What was your friend's name?",Yunho finally said."Fumiko",
Minako managed to say,"We've been friends our whole lives".
Yunho felt really bad,he hated seeing anyone so depressed.
He also felt mad,about how Kenta killed her bestfriend.
Minako kept crying for a while."What's yours?",Yunho blurted out."M-minako",she sobbed,"The girl who lost her friend".Yunho hugged her tighter."Dont cry",he said soothingly,"I've been through death too".

Jiyong walked outside to see a girl broken down in tears.
Behind her was a man holding her tightly,with a worried expression on his face.He looked up,"Jiyong?",he said.
The girl looked up with a tear streaked face."Yunho?",said Jiyong.He averted his eyes to the crying girl."Oh my god,are you ok?",he said,running to her side."She lost her best friend",said Yunho,loud enough to make Jiyong look back."My friend also lost his girlfriend",he told her,"She was very pretty,and her name was Fumiko".Minako cried louder,"Thats her!Thats her!",Minako cried,"Fumiko.She never told me she had a boyfriend".At the point Minako stopped crying.And both Yunho and Jiyong were looking at her."Fumiko...",started Jiyong,"She used to come over alot".Minako started to get annoyed."Stop talking about her!I feel bad".Jiyong hugged her,"I'm sorry",then he pulled away."Maybe you should speak with DaeSung.He still feels horrible",Jiyong said,"You two can cry to-together".
"No.I want to stop crying",sighed Minako,"But I will visit him".

Chapter 3

Minako was talking to BigBang in their apartment.
"So she was your girlfriend?",she asked DaeSung."Yeah,my current one.Then she disappeared one day,when she was walking to my house at night.She always wanted to sleep at my house.She said that she was getting weird letters at her door.And she was getting scared.She didn't want to put any of her friends in danger so she didn't tell you.But she could've since Kenta must've tortured her",DaeSung said.Minako listened to every word."That *******!",Minako muttered,"He killed my best friend".Jiyong patted her back,"I'm sorry".

JiYong P.O.V

I quickly pulled my hand away.Why did I do that?Something's making me feel weird around her.And I cant fall for-.Ugh!What am I saying?I wont fall for her!I'm too busy,I shouldn't.But when I took a second glance at her I felt like I really need to stay by her.Wait,is that...Yunho?

End Of JiYong P.O.V

Yunho walked inside and everyone except for Jiyong greeted him."BigBang,I need to go,Yunho wants me to meet someone",said Minako.Everyone gave Minako a big hug except for Jiyong who gave her a little hug and a wink.Minako left with Yunho,holding hands.They entered the house of DBSK.
"Wow...",Minako said as she walked around.Each DBSK memeber gave her a what-are-you-doing-here look."Hyung,who's this?",asked Junsu,coming closer to Minako."Everyone,this is Minako",said Yunho,"Her friend was killed by,Kenta".Junsu and ChangMin's eyes went wide."Do you live alone?",asked Yoochun."Iie,I have an older brother",Minako answered.Ding Dong!Ding Dong!Yunho opened the door,it was Hiro."Hiro!",exclaimed Minako.Without saying bye,she slipped out the door with him.When they approached the house,Minako stared at the doorstep in horror.There was a note.

Chapter 4

It was covered in blood.Minako picked it up and read it.'I bet you know about your friend,you might end up just like her'.Minako just dropped the note and fell on the floor,crying."Minako",Hiro said,and tried to get her up.
She stayed on the ground."The blood on the note...",she whimpered,"Its Fumiko's,isn't it?".Hiro looked down,it wasn't easy to admit.Fumiko was his friend too,he never wanted to think of her to die.Especially in the horrible way she did.Both Miki and Hiro hated Kenta,for every reason possible.

As Minako finished crying,Hiro picked her up."C'mon Minako,we have to hide you",he said.



"I wish people could just knock calmly",said Taeyang as he walked over to the door.Hiro walked inside placing Minako on the couch.She sat up and ran next to Hiro."You know how Kenta picks his victims?",said Minako,with her eyes wide open.Everyone else shook their heads."Strange notes,maybe covered in blood,I got one",Minako said,"It was talking about what happened to Fumiko,so I need to hide somewhere!Can I hide...here?".Bigbang looked at eachother.
This was a girl in need for something in a situation so serious."Ok,sure",said Jiyong,"But never go out alone.You have to be accompanied either with me or them".Minako nodded,she was cautious of everything and would never break any rules.She knew she wouldn't.


Yunho sat at the table with his head down.Already,he missed Minako so much.She made him feel bright and happy inside,and
he always felt like he needed to be there for her.He got outside and ran down the hall to her house.At her door he noticed the note Kenta left.It was a different one,'I'm still near,closer than you think'."What the-,Minako!",he yelled as he went around looking for her.
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