I Really Dont Wanna Love You[GD&TOP]

I Really Dont Wanna Love You[GD&TOP]

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This is my first Yaoi.
Never tried one before!
This is a G-TOP
I never seen this match before and I'd like to try it so......Translation: I LOVE THIS MATCH,but I never see it,so....


Rest of BigBang


Chapter 1

Seunghyun was the guy that was quiet.If he was angry he'd get angry.Too many emotions ran through his head
everyday.He didnt even know what he hated and loved anymore.He was the loner and one day he met up with a
guy,not so younger than him.His name was Jiyong,with his other 3 friends Youngbae,DaeSung,and Seungri."Yo man
you need to speak up."Jiyong said.Seunghyun didnt reply."You gonna answer?" DaeSung asked."Yah!" yelled
Youngbae.Seunghyun stayed silent."He dont speak."Seungri said."What?" Seunghyun said."Oh,now he does." DaeSung
said."You got a place to stay?" Seungri blurted out."Yes,but no way you guys are staying there." Seunghyun said."Come
on...I mean we're gonna be on the streets-". "Dont care,you're not staying." Seunghyun said and walked away.


Seunghyun got home and checked his email.He saw a letter from his hyung and opened it up.

Hey Seunghyun,
I seen this group of people.4 of them.They be asking for a place to stay.
And I seen that you have a big house and crap so..why dont you keep them until they get caught up?
Unless you want to live on the streets,I'd do it.

Kyubok Park

"Oh my god." Seunghyun said as he heard a knock on the door.He opened it."Why are you here?"."This is our new
home." Youngbae said."Wheres my room?" Seungri asked."The closet." Seunghyun said."Someone died in there." There
wasnt a hint of a smile nor smirk on Seunghyuns face.Seungri shrugged and walked off with DaeSung.Jiyong sat on the
couch watching T.V. "My god,High Definition!!" he exclaimed.A small smiled appeared on Seunghyun's lips but quickly
faded when he realized what he was doing.He looked at everyone.He shrugged and went to bed.These guys could take
care of themselves right?And they were leaving soon right?

Chapter 2
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