Lick Me Like Ice Cream[R]

Lick Me Like Ice Cream[R]

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Demi Lee

Visiting Korea for a year with her relative there.She came with her best friend,Chantelle.She is outgoing at times.But there are also the times she is shy :P

Chantelle Hwang

Going with her best friend,Demi,to Korea.She is the shy type and really doesn't get close to people that easily.Only people she's been with for a while.Other than that,SHY!!!

Kwon Jiyong

Lives in Korea with his best friends.He is the really outgoing type and never is really shy.He spends most of his time either at it with a girl or going out at night.

Lee Seungri

Lives in Korea with his 4 hyungs.He is the one that seems really innocent.Thats how he fools you.After a while you'll see a completely different side of him.But it matters how much he's comfortable with you.


Chapter 1

"Told you!I knew we'd get in this mess!",Chantelle yelled,while they were standing in the long line."We would've been
back there",Demi said,and looked at the back of the line.She kept staring."Wow I cant even see the end",she said."Hey
no!Demi!",Chantelle yelled out.As Demi wasn't looking,people got infront of her.More and more.So too many that the
end was completely visible now."Ugh",Demi groaned as she took her spot at the end.Looking for a place to sit she went
to a tree to lie against.She started to drift off...
A guy came up and looked at her.He chuckled."What is a girl like you doing here?",he said,and stroked her hair.


"Poor Demi....",Chantelle sighed,"Stuck at the end of the line.That must suck".Chantelle looked outside,the line was
gone."What?Where is-".Chantelle kept asking people if they have seen her.No one has.Then she went up to some cute
looking guy."Hello,have you seen...a girl?A black one.With shoulder length hair?",Chantelle asked.She was horrible at
describing."I heard she went home",the guy said,putting on a sad face."Oh...".
"But I can take you home,well if you want",the guy said,slightly blushing."I dont have my car so...ok!",Chantelle smiled.
"Come on then!",the guy said,pulling her.

Chapter 2
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