The Forbidden Love

The Forbidden Love

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When a Mi-cha's parents get die in a train crash,she is left to care for her 2 younger siblings,MeeYoung and Kyubok,and doesnt have much money.Soon they run out and get kicked out of the house.Soon MiCha starts to work as a maid at a high class house where she falls for Leeteuk.Although Leeteuk seems to like her back,his lover,KangIn,does not approve of him dating a girl as low class as her.How far will they go for this forbidden love?


16 years old


17 years old
Not always honest


17 years old

Lee SeungRi

16 years old

16 years old

Kim JaeJoong

18 years old
Mostly Happy


15 years old
Blank sometimes
Really Nice
Instead of getting mad,she will ignore you


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Chapter 1

"Bye,Omma.Bye,Appa.",said MiCha as her parents walked out the door.MiCha decided to take a shower."MiCha!Come look on the news!",yelled Kyubok.MiCha sighed and stared at the T.V.
"It is reported that there was a crash of a Black Toyota and a red Ferrari,The people in the Toyota survived with minor injuries.But the people in the Ferrari..are confirmed dead".
MiCha looked close at the car."Oh my god...",whispered MiCha.
That was her parents Ferrari.MiCha ran to her room and cried
for a very long time.She couldn't believe what had happened.

MiCha had been running out of money to take care of her siblings.She had to get a job and get one fast.She even tried to get a job at the most cheapest places,but none would accept her.Soon they turned the water and the electricity off.
MeeYoung and Kyubok were eating some leftover noodles when suddenly a woman came in.Micha entered the room,"Whats wrong?"."I'm sorry but I have to ask you to move out",said the woman."Wh-Why?",asked MiCha."I'll give you a day to gather up your stuff",with that the woman left.

Micha and her siblings were homeless.They had to shower behind the bushes usually.

When MiCha was about to shower she noticed a piece of a newspaper."Maid Needed!6542 XXXXXXXXXX Rd",MiCha read.
"Come on,guys",she said,"I need to do something".
MiCha had arrived at the house. It was huge,almost like a mansion.She knocked on the door.A handsome teen about her age opened the door."Ew",he said under his breath as he looked at her dirty clothes."I came to apply to be a maid.",
MiCha said quietly."Come in",said the teen,"Btw,I'm KangIn".
KangIn led the room where MiCha applied to be a maid.
After an hour KangIn led her out."Leave,Come back tomorrow".Then he closed the door.Her 2 siblings looked at her with huge eyes."What was going on?",asked MeeYoung.
"Nothing",said MiCha,"We'll come back tomorrow".

Chapter 2

MiCha's P.O.V

I entered the house with Kyubok and MeeYoung."Oh,hi",said KangIn,"Lets take a tour of the house"."Wait",I said,"I got the job".MeeYoung and Kyubok looked at each other in excitement."Congratulations",KangIn said flatly.Damn whats his problem?"Now,come on",he said in an annoyed tone.
The house was huge,there must be like 50 people living here.
He opened a door,"This is the bathroom,you use the bathroom downstairs,ok?".I nodded.He opened another door to a spacious room."This is my room,ok?",he said firmly,"Stay away from it".
He looked down at MeeYoung and Kyubok.After about 30 rooms later,he opened a door to a room slightly bigger than his.
There was a kid about my age sitting on the bed.My eyes stayed on him."Maid!",yelled KangIn.I quickly turned around.
"C'mon",said KangIn.I took a last glance at the boy sitting on the bed.He grinned the cutest grin I've ever saw."Who was that?",I asked."Leeteuk",he said,"He lives here".KangIn looked annoyed,He seems to be mad most of the time.What the hell's going on in his world?

KangIn's P.O.V

God,this girl is so freaking annoying.I wish she could just
shut up sometimes,and her clothes...Ugh!But she is a worker
and I can make her suffer as much as I want.And I will...

End Of KangIn's P.O.V

MiCha's P.O.V

At 10:00 I had tucked in her siblings,who havent slept in a bed for weeks.I got up for some water to drink.
"Isn't it kind of late?",said a voice I never heard before.
I turned around,it was Leeteuk."I'm about to go to bed,its just-".Leeteuk smiled,"I'm Leeteuk"."So I've heard",I replied,"I'm MiCha".There was an awkward silence for a while.Leeteuk broke the silence,"I'm gonna go to bed,You should too.School's tomorrow".I quickly ran downstairs to bed.After a few seconds I fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 3

"MiCha",said a high pitched voice,It was Meeyoung."I hear something upstairs".MiCha looked at the clock,It was 5:30 AM.
30 minutes before she was supposed to wake up.She yawned and walked upstairs.She saw KangIn sitting at the table.He looked over at her."What are you doing here?",asked KangIn firmly,
"Go back downstairs".MiCha ignored him,"What are you doing?".
"Nothing.Go downstairs!",KangIn said louder.MiCha just stood there looking at him."What did I tell you?",said KangIn,as he picked up a chair.He was about to throw it at her when Leeteuk came inside the room.

MiCha's P.O.V

KangIn is being an *******.He seems to always hate me and threaten me.He was about to throw a chair at me,like King Kong would,until Leeteuk came.KangIn took a glance at him and quickly put down the chair.Maybe Leeteuk would get him in trouble if he hurt me.Would he?I'm not sure,I'm just the maid here."Hey,MiCha",Leeteuk said as he grinned at me. I couldn't believe I was able to live in a house with a cute guy like that."KangIn,what's up?",Leeteuk asked him.
"Huh?Nothing",he lied.Then he glared at me.God,stop being a *****.KangIn and I quickly left to our rooms.Leaving Leeteuk to be confused and lonely.

KangIn's P.O.V

That girl always has to get on my very last nerve.I feel like just smacking her everytime I see her.But i cant,My teukie would get mad seeing me doing that.But I'll get her somehow...just wait.

Chapter 4

MiCha's P.O.V

I got dressed for school.After that,I went upstairs,hoping KangIn wasn't there.No,but there was Leeteuk sitting at the table.In his school clothes,which he looked so cute in!
"Hey,MiCha",he said in a happy tone."Hi",I said kinda nervously."MiCha",I heard KangIn whisper so Leeteuk didn't
hear,"Come here".I walked over there looking back at Leeteuk every 5 seconds."What?!",I whispered in an annoyed tone.He ignored what I said and pulled me upstairs,and into his room.
"What are you doing with Leeteuk?!",he yelled."Why do you care who he's with?!",I yelled back,"I cant do anything here!".KangIn can be so controlling!I hate how he is.
He acts violent,and mean!To me,thats it!"We only said 'Hi',
that's really it!",I said in an annoyed tone."I don't want you getting close to him",he said calmly,"He will break your heart".KangIn got close to me and rubbed my back."How?",I asked."He will act like he loves you,then he'll see another girl and leave you",said KangIn,"It happens all the time,but this time its easier for him".I looked at him in disbelief."He'd never do that!",I yelled,
"I know you're lying!You hate me!".KangIn sighed,"Ok,then.
But when he breaks your heart,don't come running to me".
With that he left the room.I sat on his bed and lied down.
I looked at the ceiling.Then I got up and went downstairs to find KangIn and Leeteuk talking with each other.
Leeteuk looked at me,"C'mon MiCha,sit down".As I walked over I could hear KangIn muttering some swears and glaring
at me.Why does he hate me?My appearance,My personality,and
what else?Leeteuk looked at the clock,"Oh ****,we're late for school!".We ran as fast as we could,and were exhausted
when we got to school."We should have taken a bus",said KangIn as he caught his breath."Agreed",Leeteuk and I said in unison.The school was huge.I kept getting lost walking to classes.And my feet were tired by the time I got there.
Luckily KangIn was almost in all my classes,and I could follow him to each class.But sometimes he'd try to run away
from my sight,so I would get lost.I just wish that Leeteuk could be in my classes.And at school he was a litle different.At home he'd always like to see me,but at school
he'd rather stay with other people.I guess I cant see him all the time.And KangIn would sit with his friends,but he'd let me sit with them sometimes.I thought Leeteuk would do that.But some of my friends were KangIn's friends.

End Of MiCha's P.O.V

One Day At Lunch

KangIn's Table

MiCha's best friends,Min-Jung and Young Soo,were talking about how cute they thought KangIn's friend was."You guys,are so-,I cant explain!",MiCha said,gritting her teeth.
"Hyung",whispered KangIn's friend,DaeSung,"Is MiCha really your maid?".KangIn looked satisfied with himself."Yes",he whispered back,"At home,I can make her suffer all I want".
MiCha looked at them with a confused expression."Look at her,she's cute!",whispered DaeSung."Yeah",agreed KangIn's other friend,JaeJoong,"How can you make a girl like that suffer?".KangIn glared at MiCha.She had no idea why."I didn't say I make her suffer",he said defending himself,
"I can make her suffer if I want".DaeSung and JaeJoong looked at each other."Just don't,hyung",said DaeSung,"It'll
make me feel horrible".MinJung and YoungSoo looked at JaeJoong,drooling over him.Looking at that made MiCha sick.
Then Leeteuk walked by."Oppa!",said MiCha.Leeteuk turned around."Hey",he said.MiCha didn't bother to answer."You always ignore me in school",MiCha whispered.Leeteuk flashed his usually smile at her."We never have anything to talk about",he said innocently,"I'll make up for ignoring you,
though".At this point KangIn turned around,while Leeteuk got closer and closer...and when he finally kissed her,
KangIn's face turned red.Not of embarrassment,but in anger.
KangIn picked up his food and threw it away.He went and sat down and didn't bother to look at the scene of Leeteuk and MiCha.

Chapter 5

Leeteuk finally pulled off MiCha's lips.Winked at her and left to his table.MiCha smiled,and her friends looked at her in awe.Finally taking their eyes off JaeJoong.Who was also looking in awe with DaeSung.KangIn didn't bother to look at her.He looked at Leeteuk.

KangIn's P.O.V

Teukie...why?You love MiCha?Why cant you love me,I want you.
Cant you be mine?Forget about MiCha,think about me!I want your kisses,only yours.

End Of KangIn's P.O.V

Tears started to streak down KangIn's eyes.Everyone stared at him,wondering what made the firm and tough KangIn to break down into tears."KangIn...",started MinYoung,"Whats going on?".KangIn realized that they could see him and quickly wiped his tears."I'm thinking about someone",he sniffled,
"Just a girl..".

After School

MiCha,KangIn,and Leeteuk's friends got to stay over.They all
hung out in Leeteuk's room,which was the biggest room to stay in,while MeeYoung and Kyubok played with their friends in their room downstairs.

In Leeteuk's Room

DaeSung was talking about a new show he was watching,while
KangIn was watching Leeteuk and MiCha so close to each other
sitting on his bed.KangIn decided to get up and sit next to
Leeteuk,no one else but Leeteuk and MiCha noticed.Leeteuk's arm was over MiCha's shoulder,KangIn got even closer to him.
Leeteuk looked at him quickly and resumed listening to DaeSung.

Leeteuk's P.O.V

What the hell is KangIn doing?He never acted like this before.I wish he'd back off a little.I scooted over a bit.
He got closer,I backed further smushing MiCha into the wall.
He got closer.I pushed him away and let off of MiCha.
"Sorry",I said to her.

End Of Leeteuk's P.O.V
KangIn's P.O.V

Ugh!Its not working!Come to me,Leeteuk.I cant give up,I cant let you go!I want you so badly.Even if you have another love.MiCha...things were supposed to work out until you came.Get away from him,I only want him not you.Haha I have another trick up my sleeve,hehehe....

Chapter 6

It was late and KangIn had convinced Leeteuk to go to a party.
Leeteuk was not going to turn down a party,so he agreed.
"KangIn,this place seems..",started Leeteuk."Shush,just drink this",KangIn said handing a margarita to him."What's this?",
Leeteuk asked,"It seems...sweet".KangIn grinned."Yeah,its-".
"Juice?",Leeteuk interrupted.KangIn nodded.Leeteuk quickly gulped it down."Can you get me more?",he asked.KangIn came back with 2 more.Leeteuk was drinking,and didn't even notice.
After a while,KangIn dragged the now-drunk Leeteuk into a hotel room.He didn't want the people at home to know Leeteuk was drunk."Hey,sexy",Leeteuk slurred,breaking the silence.
KangIn looked at him pleased,but then remembered he was drunk.

Kinda Rated

"Just get on the bed",sighed KangIn.Leeteuk waddled over to the bed,collapsed on it,then giggled.KangIn was kind of
uncomfortable seeing the way Leeteuk was acting.KangIn smiled an evil smile and walked over to the bed.He got on top of the drunk Leeteuk,and forced a kiss on him.He started to tug on his shirt.Leeteuk took it off slowly."hehe,what are you going to do next?",Leeteuk said as if he knew.KangIn took off Leeteuk's pants."Haha,do more",Leeteuk slurred,"More...more!".
KangIn kissed him repeatedly."I..said...more!",Leeteuk said between kisses.KangIn took off his own clothes this time, leaving the 2 naked."Ah,!",panted Leeteuk.Leeteuk didn't seem so drunk that time.KangIn didn't care what he said,he was getting what he wanted.
"",KangIn couldn't finish his words.
"Please,MiCha...",begged Leeteuk,"More...".KangIn looked at Leeteuk's begging eyes,and wasn't going to turn down that.Leeteuk laughed and moaned,KangIn only payed attention to his moans.KangIn stopped for a while.
"Why'd you stop?",Leeteuk said quietly,"C'mon,C'mon!More..".
KangIn resumed,Leeteuk was moaning and laughing again.
"MiCha!",Leeteuk yelled out suddenly,"Ahhh...".Leeteuk moaned loudly the last time and then fell asleep.KangIn watched him sleep."That was amazing,Leeteuk",said KangIn,
"I got what I wanted.But I kinda want more..".KangIn forced himself to get up and take a shower.After that he was wide awake.He put on his clothes and slept on the couch.

Chapter 7

"Owww...",groaned Leeteuk,"I feel so..".Leeteuk quickly left the room.


He walked inside the house,"Leeteuk,you've been gone all night",sighed MiCha.DaeSung and YoungSoo nodded."I dont even know what happened",groaned Leeteuk,"I don't remember anything".MiCha was outraged,she thought Leeteuk was a drunk.
"Have you been drinking?",said MiCha,her voice rising.
Leeteuk was confused,"What?N-no".MiCha smelled his breath,it smelled like alcohol."Leeteuk!",MiCha screamed,"You lied!".
MiCha stomped down to her room.Leeteuk was going to follow her when DaeSung stopped him,"Let her cool off",he said calmly.


Leeteuk came inside MiCha's room,and sat on her bed."MiCha",he
started."Shut Up",hissed MiCha,"Leave me alone".Leeteuk leaned closer to her."Come on~",he said."No,Oppa.Stop-".
She was cut off by his lips.She wanted to tell him to stop but he pushed her to the wall and started unbuttoning her shirt,she helped him take it off.And started taking off his shirt.He slipped down her skirt and underwear.She did the same with him.Then rubbed his member."Ahh,MiCha",he moaned.(Uhh,I really dont want to get in more detail)


"So,really",said MiCha,"What were you doing last night?".
"I don't remember",said Leeteuk."And after that I wouldn't lie either",he quickly added.


"KangIn!",DaeSung said happily.KangIn smiled,"Hey".
"Where's MiCha?",he asked."Downstairs,in her room",said DaeSung,"Leeteuk went down there,I dont know whats happening now"."They could be fighting",added YoungSoo,
"Or making up,who knows?"."Why exactly was MiCha mad at Leeteuk?",KangIn asked in a neutral expression.
"She smelled alcohol on his breath",said DaeSung in a monotone,"And he was out all night.Even he doesn't know what happened.Who does?".KangIn looked away,how will he tell Leeteuk what happened?

Chapter 8

Leeteuk woke up in MiCha's bed,he turned around to see Micha putting on her clothes for school."Micha",he said,making her jump,"How was last night?".Micha smiled at him,"Good,but I let you get off the hook".She went to his side and kissed him."Thanks for taking my virginity",Micha said.

KangIn sat at the table.

KangIn:Leeteuk,I have something to tell you

Leeteuk:What?Quickly tell me,I need to get to school

KangIn:Someone got you drunk and had their way with you

Leeteuk:(Eyes widen)What?Who?!

KangIn:........*God just tell him already*me...

Leeteuk:(Looks at him in awe)You?KangIn thats a disgusting joke.

KangIn:Leeteuk!I want to get it out!I did!

Leeteuk:*When I did that with MiCha,it did seem familiar*Was it seriously you?Why would you do that?


Leeteuk:Wh-what?Did you just say-

KangIn:Yes!I do!I love you so much!

Leeteuk:No,you dont.If you loved me,you would've not have had your way with me.(Walks away)

KangIn:No,Leeteuk!(Runs to him and pulls Leeteuk close to him)I really do love you(Pulls him closer and kisses him)

Leeteuk closed his eyes,then thought about what he was doing."KangIn!",he exclaimed,"Stop".KangIn looked deeply into his eyes,"But Leeteuk...",said KangIn,"I really want you".Leeteuk looked at his begging eyes and sighed."C'mon,KangIn lets go to school".

LunchTime At School

KangIn's Table/Main Friends: DaeSung,JaeJoong,MinJung,and YoungSoo.

Leeteuk's Table/Main Friends:ChangMin,SeungRi,Junsu,and Eunhyuk.
At Leeteuk's Table

SeungRi:Leeteuk are you ok?You look nervewrecked

Junsu:SeungRi,stop worrying too much.

SeungRi:Hyung!Look at him!He's pale!

ChangMin(Mouth full):Isn't he always?

EunHyuk(Looks at ChangMin in disgust):No not really.(Turns to Leeteuk)Are you?


SeungRi:Something's wrong.He's never like this.

Leeteuk:Shut up,SeungRi!I'm fine.

SeungRi:(Looks down at the floor)

Leeteuk went back to eating and soon everyone else did.
"I wonder whats going on",Eunhyuk whispered to ChangMin.

KangIn's Table

DaeSung:KangIn,I know that face.You are having problems with love right?

KangIn:(Turns away)

MinJung:Whats wrong?Are you sad?

YoungSoo:No,he's just havung problems.

KangIn:I can speak for myself,YoungSoo.

MiCha:Ok,then tell us.

KangIn:(Leans close to MiCha and puts his mouth close to her ear)Shut up,*****.This is all your fault.

MiCha just stared at the table.She felt bad,and looked at Leeteuk,Who pouted back.She sighed and returned a glare at KangIn,who just flicked her off.MiCha got up and sat at Leeteuk's table,next to Junsu and SeungRi.

SeungRi:Ah,Hyung.Who's this?

Leeteuk:Leave her alone.

Eunhyuk:Stop being a ***** and introduce us.

Leeteuk:That's MiCha,she's my maid.But mostly my friend.

SeungRi:A maid?!I've always wanted a maid.Could she come over sometime?

Junsu:(Hits SeungRi)He said maid,not a slave.

ChangMin&Eunhyuk:Nice to meet you.


Leeteuk:MiCha,whats wrong?

MiCha:I'll tell you when we get home.

On The Way Home

MiCha was walking over to the house or mansion,when SeungRi grabbed her hand.

MiCha:Huh?What the hell are you doing?

Leeteuk:You see,I know this seems harsh but you're a maid.And you have to work to live here,I bet you forgot that.

MiCha:Yeah,I've been enjoying myself too much.Its time I should let myself know how I'm living.


MiCha:Oh yeah.(Turns to Leeteuk)Bye.

At SeungRi's House

MiCha looked around it was pretty clean around there,It looked like there was nothing to be cleaned.His room wasn't even that bad either.

MiCha:Its not even dirty around here.Why'd you-

SeungRi had kissed her,making her stop talking.SeungRi pulled away.

SeungRi:Thats why.(Locks the door)

[Slightly Rated]

MiCha looked around and got scared."SeungRi",she said,
What are you doing?".SeungRi pushed her onto the bed,and got on top of her.He kissed her passionately."SeungRi,stop",MiCha begged.He didn't listen and kissed from her neck to her naval.He pulled down her pants and underwear and took off his own clothes.Then thrusted inside her.She began to feel pain,and started to let out low shrieks.SeungRi ignored that and went on faster.He moaned in her ear,while she grabbed the sheets in pain.Soon the pain was replaced with pleasure.SeungRi was going faster and faster,but suddenly stopped when something came out all over him.He looked at MiCha,who was looking at him in embarrassment.Then he resumed thrusting for a while.Until he felt tired and fell back on the bed.
MiCha looked at the sleeping SeungRi in fear."What happened to the other SeungRi?",she quietly asked.

Chapter 10MiCha woke up to the sound of the phone ring.


Leeteuk:Its me Leeteuk.Where are you?

MiCha:At SeungRi's house.Where else?

Leeteuk:Cleaning that long?

MiCha:I'll tell you soon.

SeungRi got up and stared at MiCha."SeungRi what happened to you?",MiCha said in fear."This is what Leeteuk meant right?",
SeungRi asked."No!",exclaimed MiCha,"He'd never do that!".
MiCha started to cry,she couldn't believe SeungRi would've done that."MiCha",started SeungRi,"I'm sorry.I don't know what gotten into me".MiCha just got out of bed and put her clothes on.SeungRi did the same."I know Leeteuk had done that with you",sighed SeungRi."But it was with someone I love",said MiCha,"I wasn't really forced on me".SeungRi just looked at her,"Lets act like exactly nothing happened",sighed SeungRi,"I dont want anything to happen".
MiCha nodded,they both ran down the stairs to the front door.And they waited for KangIn and Leeteuk at the door.

Leeteuk:SeungRi you kept her there so long.She's a person,not a slave!

SeungRi:She didn't clean(Laughs)She got dirty actually

MiCha:(Glares at SeungRi)Please SeungRi.Stop.

Leeteuk looked at MiCha wondering what was wrong."Let's go to school",Leeteuk insisted.

At Class
MiCha's P.O.V

SeungRi sat next to me,and each desk could seat 2 people.He was at my desk."Stop looking at me",I said in an annoyed tone."I'm thinking about last night,and I feel horrible",sighed SeungRi."Well,You should feel horrible regarding that you had the nerve to do that",I replied.
"I thought Leeteuk does that though",said SeungRi,"You know your his 'maid' right?".I did understand what he was saying,
but he was wrong.Leeteuk wasn't my master,and I just worked there.SeungRi is younger than me,but last was like he was many years older.It was like I was his slave.
"No,just the maid that cleans",I replied."Oh",he said.

SeungRi's P.O.V

I felt bad,I dont even know how I did that to her with her screaming like she was being murdered.I think she forgave me,but I dont want to tell Leeteuk this.I think he's going through a little too much.But I cant stand thinking about how I was a monster last night!I want to make it up for her.
I can see Leeteuk over there seeing us sitting next to each other.He looks jealous,and he's coming here now.

Chapter 11

Leeteuk:Whats Going On?


Leeteuk:It looks like you want to tell me something

MiCha:(Sighs)Leeteuk,tell us.Whats going on in your life?

Leeteuk:(Backs away and goes to his desk)

SeungRi:Thank god!Thanks MiCha!

MiCha:(Looks at Leeteuk,and doesn't hear SeungRi)Wait,what?

SeungRi:Thanks.I'm off the hook right?

MiCha:Only if you shut the hell up.You cant tell anyone

SeungRi:Trust me.My lips are sealed.

MiCha:I hope so.

At Lunchtime

KangIn was poking his food and thinking about Leeteuk.While MiCha and his friends noticed.

DaeSung:Hyung,whats wrong?

KangIn:Nothing,shut up.

MiCha:(Stays quiet and doesn't want to get insulted)

YoungSoo:Be nice to him,he didn't do anything!He's nice to you!

MiCha:(Whispers to YoungSoo)He's been like this all week.

KangIn:Shut up,MiCha!!

MiCha:Be quiet,people are starting to watch.(Looks around)


JaeJoong:Leave her alone!This isn't going to help.Do something else.(Winks at MiCha)


At Home
MiCha's P.O.V

Oh Yeah,I've been spying on KangIn to see whats going on.Nothing yet,but that all changed today.I was walking from cleaning the bathroom when I heard KangIn muttering.

KangIn:Why do you have to love her?She doesn't love you,I DO!!She just uses you,and wants to steal you.So why do you love her?!

I opened the door completely,and stepped inside.


He turned around with angry eyes.

KangIn:You disgusting slut!!Because of you,I have to lose my everything!!!

MiCha:I'm just trying to...

KangIn:Everything was good before you came here!!You ruined everything!!!!!It would be better if you just rotted outside!!

MiCha:You're no better!Just a spoiled ******* that always gets what he wants!!You might not realize this,You suck eggs!!!And I'm not a slut!


MiCha:No!!!Only Leeteuk!!Which was out of love!!Unlike you having your way with him!!!

KangIn:I-(Stopped and stared at the door)

I turned around,it was Leeteuk,he seen the whole thing.
"Leeteuk",I said,and he walked out,with a stressed look on his face. I looked at KangIn with a sad face and pouted.
He didn't fall for it."Get the **** out of my room",he said coldly.And I backed away and looked for Leeteuk.

Chapter 12

MiCha's P.O.V

"Oppa!",I yelled,"Oppa,where are you?".I kept running and looking around.I finally found him sitting on a chair,in the extra room."Oppa",I said,going closer to him."Is it true?",he asked."What true?",I asked him."True,that you really love me?",he asked,as i froze."Yes",I said,"I do,but KangIn-".He put his finger on my lips."I dont want to talk about KangIn",he said,and kissed me."Can we just watch T.V.?",he asked.I nodded and watched T.V. with him.I felt good that I could just enjoy something in this house for once.


2 hours of T.V. but we still kept watching,I heard the annoying doorbell ring loudly.Since its my job I decided to open the door.It was SeungRi."SeungRi!",I whispered,"What are you-".He just pushed me out of the way.Punk doesn't want to talk.I followed him into where I was before and sat next to Leeteuk.I mouthed 'Dont tell him',but he didn't listen."I have to tell you about,the other day",SeungRi started.I covered my ears."I raped her",he said.Leeteuk looked at me,I had tears in my eyes."I thought that's what you meant about 'maids'".I glared at him,and he didn't care,he felt guilty and wanted to say everything.Leeteuk just looked at the floor while I cried.And SeungRi left the house,and I think I could see tears in his eyes too.
Leeteuk left the room and so did I.I ran down to my room and cried my eyes out.And got a headache."I'm sorry Leeteuk",I sobbed.

SeungRi's P.O.V

By the time I left I let the tears pour out.I just wanted to get home.I ran very fast torward my house.My older brother,Jiyong,was chewing on a piece of gum.He looked at my red face,and teary eyes."God,what happened?",he asked,"Did you eat spicy food?".I just ran up to my room,and sat on my new bed.I stained my pillows with my tears.I didn't want to lose my bestfriend and my happiness.

Leeteuk's P.O.V

I sat on my bed,holding back the tears.I couldn't believe that SeungRi did that.And MiCha's tears...I couldn't handle seeing her so sad.I had to run to my room.And now,tears are coming out,pouring out,I cant hold them back.I could fill a freaking bathtub,with them.I could feel someone watching me,behind me.

Chapter 13

After crying MiCha walked out of her room,trying not to think about SeungRi or Leeteuk.She just wanted to get some cookies and eat in the living room.She heard footsteps come down the stairs,it was KangIn.He looked solemn,and then it turned into anger.MiCha just backed away,and decided not to talk."Look at me",said KangIn in a cold voice.MiCha just scooted over more until she couldn't go further,and resumed watching T.V.
KangIn got a hold of her shoulder and turned her quickly."What?!",she screamed.She got a slap in the face."Don't talk to me like that",said KangIn.MiCha rubbed her burning red cheek,then looked up at KangIn."What do you want?",she asked,getting her teary eyes back."Whats going on?",he asked.MiCha's teary eyes disappeared and turned into furious eyes."Thats none of your business!",she yelled,and dodged his hand,that was going to slap her a second time.She tried to leave but he pulled her back,and pinned her to the wall."I'm gonna ask you one last time,to tell me",he said slowly.She didn't answer and he put more force on her arms."Tell me",he said,clenching his teeth,making him hurt her even more."You're hurting me",she whined,and tried to break free.He let go and she dropped to the floor,rubbing her red arms."Leave me alone",she said,tears starting to fall from her eyes.He walked closer and put his mouth close to her ear."Get out",he said coldly,and pushed her near the front door."And take your 2 brats too",he said,and pushed them out,and slammed the door.MiCha looked again at the place and just walked away with her 2 siblings.They were silent and they walked near SeungRi's house.MiCha knocked on the door,someone she never even seen opened the door."Who are you?",he asked.MiCha was pissed so she just ignored him."Let me in",she said and pushed him aside and ran upstairs."Hey!",the guy yelled and followed her.MiCha knocked on SeungRi's door,he showed up.His looked solemn and let her in.Kyubok and MinYoung also walked in."MiCha-",he started."Hey!",yelled the guy as he ran inside SeungRi's room.He put his hands on his knees and caught his breath."Who are you?",he asked her."Hyung,this is MiCha",SeungRi said,"MiCha,that is Jiyong".SeungRi pushed him out and closed the door.He sat in his chair,"Whats going on?",he asked."KangIn kicked me out",sighed MiCha."No way!Does Leeteuk know?",asked SeungRi."No,KangIn wouldn't have done that with him around",said MiCha."Why does KangIn hate you so much anyways?",asked SeungRi."I interfere with his 'relationship'",said MiCha in an annoyed tone."With who?",asked SeungRi.MiCha didn't speak for a while,not wanting to give away KangIn's secret."What the hell?KangIn likes Leeteuk",said MiCha,"But Leeteuk doesn't like him back.Thats why they were acting so weird".SeungRi gaped at her,and then swallowed."So thats why he looks so disturbed nowadays",SeungRi said,looking up.But unexpectedly,he started to laugh.MiCha couldn't help but laugh too.She forgot all about KangIn.Jiyong burst in,"Whats so funny?".SeungRi resumed laughing."Nothing,go away",laughed MiCha.Jiyong pouted and closed the door as SeungRi and MiCha rolled on the floor.They got up,"I have no where to go",said MiCha.SeungRi looked around,"My brother can sleep on the couch and you can get his room",he said.MiCha smiled,she was happy she had a friend like this."Thanks",she said as she hugged him.She walked downstairs with a smile.

Chapter 14

"Are you leaving?",asked Jiyong,with a smile on his face."No,I live here",said MiCha,with an evil look on hers."What?",asked Jiyong,"Girl,are you on crack?This isn't your house".MiCha just wandered around,"Well now,it is".Jiyong rushed up the stairs and burst into SeungRi's room,making him jump."What?What?",said Seungri with a surprised look on his face."That girl is living in our house?",he yelled."She has no where to go,and she's my best friend",said SeungRi,"Her parents died in a car crash".Jiyong looked down and Kyubok and Minyoung."And these 2 kids?",he asked."MiCha said she'll send them to live with their uncle",said SeungRi.Jiyong flooded him with more questions and SeungRi finally kicked him out of his room."Plus,your sleeping on the couch,MiCha gets your room!",yelled SeungRi.


Leeteuk went downstairs,"Wheres MiCha",he asked KangIn.KangIn stayed quiet and just sat on the couch."KangIn",he repeated louder.KangIn kept his eyes glued on the television.Leeteuk pushed KangIn off the couch,"Where is she?",he asked."I dont know!Get off me!",yelled KangIn.Next thing he knew,Leeteuk was out the door.Leeteuk ran to SeungRi's house,and MiCha was sitting inside."Oppa!",she exclaimed,jumping in his arms."MiCha",he said,"Why are you here?"."KangIn kicked me and my siblings out",she said,"So I live here now"."With the guy that raped you?",asked Leeteuk."We're friends now!",said MiCha,happily.
"Do you want to live here?",asked Leeteuk."I can move back in?",asked MiCha."After I work things out at home",said Leeteuk,"I love you".He kissed her then left.

Chapter 15

Leeteuk's P.O.V

Whats up with MiCha?She seems to be in such a hurry all the time.I really miss the old her.Huh?I hear footsteps approaching."Hyung?"I heard someone say."KangIn",I replied,"I'm right here".KangIn smiled and ran over to me."What the hell are you smiling at?",I said coldly.His smile turned into a frown."Whats your prolem?",he asked.He knows what I'm talking about."MiCha!You kicked her out!",I yelled,"She's living at SeungRi's house.And after what he did,I cant trust him that well".KangIn looked at me,kind of shocked at the tone of my voice.
"Please dont yell",KangIn said,"What did I-".I gave him my worst deathglare and he became silent."You expect me to love a ******* like you?",I said,in a serious tone,"Even if you were a girl I still wouldn't dare coming near your nasty self".With that I felt a blow come to my face.I found myself sitting on the floor,looking up at an angry KangIn."Who the hell do you're talking to?!",he yelled."No one special!",I yelled back,and walked away.I was too pissed off for any more bad news.


SeungRi and MiCha sat in thier room.MiCha was sorting out clothes,while SeungRi watched the television."Why are you being such a clean freak?",asked SeungRi.MiCha stopped sorting clothes and stuffed them away."I'm so used to being a maid,I guess",she replied.She lied back on the bed next to SeungRi."I'm so tired",sighed MiCha,"I was cleaning your brother's room".SeungRi started to get mad."Dont let him make you clean his room",said SeungRi,"He can clean his own damn room".MiCha laid her head on his shoulder."Dont get mad at him",MiCha said,calming him,"Its okay".After a few minutes MiCha fell asleep.SeungRi looked at her and stroked her hair.He looked at her then fell back onto the bed too.


KangIn sat at the table,still mad about the fight he had with Leeteuk.
He regreted punching him,knowing Leeteuk would probably hate him now.
He felt like crying after taking all that from Leeteuk,he never thought Leeteuk would speak to him like that.Or actually anyone.He decided he needed a walk,a long one.

Chapter 16

MiCha slowly woke up,she yawned and looked to see SeungRi.She quickly sat up and pushed him out of bed."What are you doing here?!",she screamed,waking SeungRi up."What did you do?",asked MiCha."Nothing you just fell asleep on my bed",said SeungRi,"Just chill".MiCha let out a sigh of relief."Based on before,I'm suprised I can even trust you",said MiCha.SeungRi felt a little depressed and then pouted."I'm sorry",he said."Whatever,its the past now",said MiCha with an annoyed tone."So what are you gonna do today?",asked SeungRi.MiCha got up,"Go to my house".

MiCha bust open the door."Oppas!",she yelled,"Its MiCha!".She heard footsteps run down the stairs."MiCha!",Leeteuk said,happily.He picked her up and kissed her."I missed you",he said,"You've been living at SeungRi's house?".
"Yes,I told you that",said MiCha,"I missed you too!".Leeteuk let her down and pulled her to her room."Ah,I missed this
bed so much!",MiCha exclaimed and laid on it."So,I needed to tell you something",MiCha started,"I want to know whats
going on between you and KangIn".Leeteuk swallowed hard,"Why?",Leeteuk didn't want to tell her at the time.
"Because its better if I know",said MiCha.Leeteuk stayed quiet."Oppa!",yelled MiCha.Leeteuk didn't answer.
"Ugh!Fine then!",MiCha yelled and ran out of the house.Leeteuk wanted to yell out 'MiCha,come back!I love you!',but
the words couldn't come out.He insulted and cussed himself.He really wanted MiCha back.He sat on the floor and shook
his head.

MiCha stormed inside the house."Whats up with you",snickered Jiyong.MiCha had no time for him.She just ran upstairs to SeungRi's room."Whats wrong?",he asked."Nothing really",lied MiCha,putting a fake smile on.SeungRi fell for it.
"Oh,ok!",he said,happily and continued studying.MiCha was still mad at Leeteuk,but she felt bad.She knew if something
happened Leeteuk would tell her.She thought KangIn had something to do with this.She knew what to do next.

Chapter 17

MiCha went back down to the mansion.She opened the door,to see only KangIn sitting at the table."Oppa,what did you say to Leeteuk?",she asked."None of your business,now get out!",he said.MiCha just walked closer,"Tell me".KangIn scoffed,"He doesn't love you,he hates you,why dont you think he doesn't tell you things?".MiCha felt like she was stabbed with a knife."Well I still love him.If he loves me or not!".
KangIn laughed,"Just go"."Tell me!",MiCha screamed."No,he doesn't care!".MiCha was now in tears,"Oppa!"."MiCha!Just go!"."Oppa,tell me!I love him!"."Well I cant love him too?!",KangIn yelled.MiCha was completely silent,and just walked out of the place.
'Does Leeteuk love him back?',is all she thought the whole way.


MiCha walked in and closed the door.SeungRi was just looking out the window.MiCha just sat down and started folding clothes.


MiCha and SeungRi didn't exchange looks.That changed when MiCha felt warm lips on her cheek.
She turned around to see SeungRi,who had a sensual stare.MiCha stared at him,and was too shocked to even kiss back.
Even though she wanted to badly.The kisses went down her neck,and then before she knew it,her shirt was lying
on the ground.She felt more kisses down to her naval.'Will he?',thought MiCha.SeungRi pulled her skirt down to her feet.
Leaving her in her underwear.MiCha looked up at SeungRi.He smiled and took it off.He stared at her naked body for
about a second,then MiCha started to take off his clothes.He helped her take them off and layed on top of her.He
inserted his member inside of her.Then he started to push in slowly at first,making MiCha moan
helplessly."Moan more for me",SeungRi demanded.MiCha did,but only because he kept teasing her.Suddenly MiCha
grabbed his hair and pulled his head close to her. "..F-faster...please..",she begged.SeungRi nodded and fastened his
pace.MiCha moaned and grabbed the bed sheets.Each time SeungRi went faster,the more MiCha felt rushes and tingly.
SeungRi let out a groan and released his load inside MiCha.He sighed out of relief and fell back on the bed.
"Better than last time?",asked SeungRi.MiCha smiled,"Way better".


"I heard MiCha come,is she still mad at me?",Leeteuk asked.
"No,she still loves you",KangIn said."Should I go to her?",Leeteuk asked."No,I think you should wait",KangIn said,remembering the news he gave her."Ok,I'll wait for her to come tomorrow".

Chapter 18(Still In Progress)
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