The Other Side Of You[R]

The Other Side Of You[R]

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Alina Cong(Chinese)
Vanna Kim(Chinese/Vietnamese)
Chastity Chang(Chinese/Black/German)
Dare Carter(Black/Korean)
Jang Haomei(Hmong)


Chapter 1

Again?!Ok,I'm tired of this!You never take me anywhere!",Haomei yelled."MeiMei-",DaeSung started."Save it!!",Haomei interrupted."But I love you..",DaeSung said,pouting cutely.That always got to Haomei."Ugh fine.But take me with you",she said."Ugh,why?!",DaeSung whined."You said you loved me!",Haomei yelled."Doesn't mean I drag you everywhere"."You dont drag me anywhere!Not even once!I dont even know why I'm still with you",Haomei groaned."Ok once then you stop bugging me",DaeSung said."No,more than once",Haomei demanded,"And why dont you want to take me anyways?"."Because I go clubbing and you'd say 'lets go'"."No way,I love clubbing!",Haomei smiled."Ok,then get ready!",DaeSung said.


Loud music was blasting,people were dancing,and Haomei was drinking.But just a little,DaeSung was chugging down vodka."DaeSungiie,dont you think you're drinking a bit too much?",Haomei asked,keeping a little distance from him."No",DaeSung replied.His voice wasn't slurred and he was completely stable.Haomei couldn't believe he was still sober."Yah,Haomei.How's your *** doing?",Sungmin said,holding hands with Chastity."She's fine",DaeSung slurred,almost falling on Haomei."He was sober a few minutes ago",Haomei said,amused."We're dancing with Alina and Yunho.Wanna come?",Chastity said."No,I'll keep an eye on DaeSungiie here",Haomei laughed."Ok,see you!",Sungmin said,pulling Chastity with him.


Haomei dragged DaeSung inside the house."God,DaeSung you're heavy",she groaned.He mumbled a response."Aish",Haomei sighed and left him on the couch.

Chapter 2

Chastity walked around the mall,she could see people whispering and looking at her.She gave them weird looks,but she became furious when she heard one of them say one of her secrets.She stomped over to Sungmin,she had only told him that one."How the hell do these people know my secrets?!",she half screamed half whispered.Sungmin hung his head down,Chastity knew what he had done."You *******!!How could you tell them?!"."Sorry",he murmured,still looking at the floor."Fine,I'll make it fair.I tell everyone your secret",Chastity said with a smile."Wait!No,dont!!",Sungmin yelled trying to catch up to her.By the time he could get her, she had already spilled it out to 5 people.Who really would like to pass it on.Chastity smiled and left Sungmin standing there,getting stares and laughs.


Chastity was sitting in her room,when Sungmin bust in."What the hell is wrong with you?!Now I'm humiliated!!",Sungmin pouted.Chastity tried to not let that get to her."You told everyone mine",she said."But didn't get left standing alone,being laughed at!"."Standing alone?",Chastity asked."Yes!You weren't there...",Sungmin looked down.As much as Chastity tried to she couldn't resist comforting Sungmin."I'm sorry",she said,and pecked him on the lips.He hugged her tightly and wouldn't let go.The door opened,it was Alina and Yunho."Oh,ummm we're sorry.If we ruined your little 'time' together",Alina said,snickering with Yunho.
"Ah,ok bye",Yunho laughed.Chastity turned to Sungmin."Did they think we were about to have sex?".

Chapter 3

Alina was doing her math,she needed to work harder in it.The door bust open,and Yunho and his friends came in."That dumbass is so gullible",one of his friends laughed."If you told him to suck your **** he would".And all of them burst out laughing.Alina got annoyed."Yah!Stop talking!",she yelled."Damn baby,whats wrong?",one of Yunho's friends asked.Alina gave him a disgusted look."Back off,DongMin.Alina,whats wrong?",Yunho said."Ugh!You know!You and your smartass friends!",Alina yelled."'cuse me?",another of his friends asked."Shut up",Alina said."Calm down".
"Go away!All of you!",Alina yelled,"Even you Yunho".Yunho sighed and walked out with them.


Alina had fell asleep on the table."That party was awesome",Chansung said as he walked in.He was also with Yunho and Dare."You make Alina sleep on the table?",Dare joked.Alina got up."What?I heard my name",Alina said,looking around."Aw!I havent even past number 3!!",she said,struggling to get past her work."And Yunho?!You went to a party?!",Alina yelled."We're leaving",Chansung said,taking Dare with him."Yes but-"."I cant believe it!",Alina exclaimed."Alina calm-"."No!I am-".Shutting her up Yunho kissed her,making it as dramatic as he could."I love you",he said.Alina smiled."Sorry",she said,hugging him,"Why dont we go to a party together-"."Cant,I'm sleepy",Yunho said walking up the stairs.

Chapter 4

"Ok memories,think memories",Dare said."Ok..",Chansung replied,tapping his finger on the table."Umm remember when we went to Mcdonalds?",Dare asked."Yeah",Chansung said in a monotone."When we chatted on facebook"."Yep"."When we first met?".Chansung sighed,"Yes"."When we thought Sungmin and Chastity had SEX?",Dare said,putting emphasis on 'sex'.Chansung started to listen when he heard 'sex'.
"S-s-s-s-sex?",he asked."",Dare said,licking her lips and fumbling with the buttons on her shirt.Chansung's member already started erecting.Dare stopped and looked down at the thing bulging in his pants."Oh.oh...".
Before she knew it Chansung was on top of her,letting his tongue roam in her mouth.He just couldn't take it anymore."Hello?",Vanna called from outside the door."Chansung..Vanna..urm..and Jinwoon....ahhh..are here",Dare moaned."Oh,the doors unlocked!",Vanna said and opened the door.Jinwoon also came in and stared at the couple.
"God,Chansung whats up?",Jinwoon said,as he could also see the bulge in his pants."Ummm",Chansung said,as he got off Dare and tried to cover know."Is this a bad time?",Vanna asked.Dare would've shook her head,but there was too much desire in Chansung's eyes."I dont think so...",Dare said as Chansung leaned forward.She felt awkward with people around,but she also really wanted him.
"Well we were going to the arcade,wanna come?",Jinwoon said,still giving Chansung a weird look."Sure!",Dare said,
"C'mon Chansung!".

Chapter 5

Vanna was doing Dance Revolution with Jinwoon.She was a pro but Jinwoon was winning."Aish,you are getting beat!",Jinwoon said as he took a quick glance at her scoreboard.Chansung and Dare would've watched but Chansung's erection hasn't went down.And Dare was seriously getting tired of this.Jinwoon knew and he was still awkward around Chansung.He looked back at Chansung and Dare.Vanna's score was getting higher,until it passed his.Jinwoon turned back."Damn it!",he said.The game ended."Ha!I won!",Vanna said,doing a little dance.


Vanna and Jinwoon were both in the room."Vanna,do you wanna do what Chansung and-"."No,not now Oppa",she said,starting to fall asleep."Please baby..",whined Jinwoon."No!",Vanna said.
When Jinwoon was pretty sure she was asleep,he got on top of Vanna.He leaned down.....

"No!No!No!",Vanna said,making Jinwoon jump."Ugh,fine",he scoffed.

Deleted Chapter

Chastity,Alina,Haomei,Vanna,and Dare were at the mall shopping.Chastity looked down."Hey,whats wrong",Vanna asked going to her side."Nothing,its just that this is where people where talking about my secrets"."How did they-,Sungmin right?",Alina said,"Did you yell at him".Chastity shook her head."Damn girl,you need to stop letting that boy off the hook!",Haomei yelled."Have you looked at him?!",Chastity yelled."I know,he's adorable.But still!",Vanna said."Vanna's right,you need to take action now!",Dare said,paying attention to some converse."Shut up,Dare.I know you cant",Vanna laughed,thinking of her last night.Dare could feel her cheeks become hot."Yah!That was Chansung's fault!",Dare defended."Guys!We were talking about how Sungmin spilled my secrets out!",Chastity yelled."Oh yeah.You-".Walking over was DaeSung and Sungmin."Hey,whats up?",DaeSung said,with a big smile on his face."Sungmin,you know I'm tired of you",Chastity said,being as firm as she could."I'm sorry",Sungmin pouted.Chastity looked back at the others,really wanting to give Sungmin a hug or somthing!The others looked at Sungmin too.They knew he was cute but they shook their heads.Chastity turned back."Sorry doesn't cut it!",she yelled.Sungmin made his expression even sadder."I said I'm sorry",he said.Chastity was filled with guilt.The others scoffed.It was her fault for picking such a cute boyfriend.Or should I say adorable boyfriend.

"Oh,DaeSung!You woke up!",Haomei said."Yeah.With the worst headache you could ever imagine",he grumbled,rubbing his head."You were drunk,dumbass",Haomei laughed and kissed him."No,I wasn't",DaeSung said."Yes at the club remember?",Haomei laughed again hugging him."I would never take you to a club!",DaeSung yelled."There you are again!God,you are so...ARGH!!!!",Haomei yelled and walked away."Ohhh,look what you did,DaeSung!Haomei's mad as hell!",Alina laughed."This is not funny!",DaeSung yelled at her."Hey,its not my fault that you're like that",Alina said,putting her hands up.

"Ok Sungminnie,I cant take it!I'm sorry",Chastity said,hugging him.While getting the apology Sungmin snickered.But not loud enough for Chastity to hear."Too soft!",Alina yelled,"We told you to be-"."Aish,shut up Alina",Sungmin laughed.

Chapter 6

The boys spent the night at Dare's house,along with Vanna.At the same time Vanna and Dare came out of different showers,only in towels.Paying attention to chatting,they walked in the room where the boys were.They looked up at them and stopped chatting.Jinwoon and Chansung's eyes only focused on them."Yah,what are those?",Sungmin asked as he pointed to the bulges in Jinwoon and Chansung's pants.They turned red and covered them."Uhh,girls?",Jinwoon said."Oh um!Erm..we're sorry!",Dare said and ran off with Vanna.The boys sat there.Sungmin licked his lips." know,I should get Chastity to do that for me".He started to drool."But you make her act like your mom all the time,by the way she couldn't have a baby face pleasuring her at night",Yunho laughed."Yah!You dont even have the time for Alina!So I would shut the hell up!",Sungmin snapped back,"By the way I can pleasure her 5 times more than you!".Yunho thought about what Sungmin said.It was true,he'd always bring home his friends when Alina was studying."Nope!I bet you all cant make your girl scream like I can!",DaeSung smiled,feeling proud of himself."I got on top of mine",Jinwoon said.Chansung scoffed."Whatever,I made mine moan like there was no tomorrow"."No,for only like 2 minutes",Jinwoon snickered."Still.I can make the sluttiest girl in the world scream my name",Chansung smiled."That gives me an idea!Our girls are too mad at us to even take off their clothes.We can just get a random slut and see if they will moan or scream or..whatever",Yunho said."But wont Chastity be mad at me?And wont all of your girls get mad at you",Sungmin asked with a worried expression."Do they have to know?",DaeSung pointed out."Oh yeah",Sungmin said,"Ok!"."So everyone in?",Yunho asked."Yep!",everyone replied."Now where to find the dirtiest sluts?",DaeSung said.


"Um,are you sure about here?",asked Jinwoon."Yeah,my friend Kyubok always talks about the girls here",Yunho said.They all ended up in front of a strip club.They walked in,but someone stopped them."Hey,you need to pay money to get in here",a guy said."How much?",DaeSung asked.The guy looked at all of them."30 bucks",he said."30-?Ugh",Yunho groaned and gave him the money."Go ahead in",the guy smiled and got out of their way.On the way in they could see a girl on a pole."Go Ami!","Yeah,Ami-baby!","Lick the pole,Ami!".Ami averted her eyes to Yunho and sashayed over to him."See something nice?",she asked.Yunho really couldn't speak,he was standing near a half-naked chick."Y-you",he managed to say."Well why dont we go..have a good time?",Ami said,in a seductive voice."I guess",Yunho said as she already was leading her to a room.(Ok Alina plz dont get mad at this!! )
*Slightly Rated*
Yunho pecked Ami's lips.She had already let his tongue roam inside.He kissed down her neck,while she moaned softly.
Ami wanted it too fast.She stripped off his and her own clothes.Yunho smiled,he took out his finger and stuck it inside her.He thrusted it slowly then quickened the pace."Mmmm..argh...faster...",she moaned.Instead Yunho put in another finger and thrusted it.Ami grabbed the ends of the sheets,and ***med on Yunho hand.Yunho took it out wasn't really sure what to do,since it was his first time.He wiped it off on the bed sheets.

Outside all the boys were listening."Ok she moaned,but not too loud..",Sungmin said."Whatever,it still counts",Jinwoon said.

Chapter 7

Yunho walked out of the room,"How was I?"."Meh,even a dog could do better",Chansung said."Baby,come back",
Ami said,coming out the door."1 night stand only",Yunho said and pushed her away."Ugh,dumbass",she muttered.
"Who's turn?",Chansung asked."No ones!",Haomei yelled from afar.All 5 girls walked over."Who said you can ****
random sluts?!",Vanna yelled,pulling Jinwoons hair."Aish!Let go!",he yelled and got out of her grip,"I didn't **** anyone".
"You were planning to though",Chastity said."Sungminnie wasn't!",Sungmin pouted and gave Chastity a hug.
"I cant believe you guys!",Alina yelled,giving Yunho a glare.By 'guys' she only meant him."I..ugh..know!",Dare managed
to exclaim.Chansung was already kissing down her neck."Chansung,this is really not the time",Daesung said,rubbing his
cheek due to a slap from Haomei.


"So our plan didn't work",Yunho said."Because of you,we all got in trouble",Jinwoon said,"I didn't even do anything!"
"Shut up,neither did we",Chansung said,giving Yunho a glare."It was my plan,so I went first",Yunho said."Excuse me?
You know how I am!",Chansung yelled."A ***** pervert?",DaeSung chuckled with Sungmin."I'm not a pervert!",
Chansung yelled again."What about *****?",Sungmin asked.Chansung thought for a while."Shut up",he said and turned
around."My pouting didn't work",Sungmin said,starting to pout again."My smile didn't too",DaeSung frowned.
Jinwoon looked up."I'm getting tired,I'm going home.Bye.".

Chapter 8

Chansung felt really bad,so he sent an apologizing email to Dare.After a while he was forgiven and Dare was ready to go
to his house.She never been over there before.Dare walked inside the living room,and looked around.
"Your place is better-".Cutting her off,Chansung crushed his lips against hers.Dare opened her mouth to breathe.
Chansung slid his tongue inside,and let it roam in her mouth.Dare let out an involuntary moan,and tried to push him
away.She wasn't really ready for this.Chansung pulled away and pinned her down on the table."Dont worry,you'll
enjoy this",Chansung said,rubbing her back.Dare really didn't want to but nodded.He ripped off her shirt,exposing her
bra.Dare could feel cold air on her and shivered.Chansung slipped off her pants,and then took off her bra.He looked down
at the last piece of clothing,and quickly took it off.He bent his head down to her opening.He started to lick and suck
inside her.Dare didn't moan,but her face was filled with pleasure."Not enough,eh?",Chansung said and took off his boxers.
He put his hand on his shoulder and shoved himself inside her.Dare screamed,loud.Caring about her,Chansung went
slowly.Dare moaned and lightly held the ends of the sheets.Chansung smiled and went faster.He just read her mind.
Dare's moans became louder and she gripped the sheets tighter." good...",she moaned."Really?Scream
my name",Chansung demanded."Chaa!Chhaaaa!!",Dare screamed."My whole name!Scream my name!".
"Chansung!Channnssuungg!!",she screamed again.Chansung still wasn't satisfied."Ahhh!!Oh my god,Chansung!!
Chaaannnnssssuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnng!!",Dare finally came."I knew you'd enjoy this",Chansung smiled,and pulled out
of her.

Chansung looked around.He'd forgotten they just ****ed on a table.He gotten up and checked his phone.
The sound was fully recorded.He was in the lead of the on going game.
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