You're Wonderful~You Make Me Crazy[ R ]

You're Wonderful~You Make Me Crazy[ R ]

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17 years old.She is usually the joker and the one that makes people laugh.But she can also be dark inside and holds grudges sometimes.

19 years old.She is usually the one that likes to be alone.Not that she is not talkative,but she needs her space.But sometimes people invade it.

He is usually cocky and rude.He has something else inside him,but somehow cant show it.

He is the one that can overpower some people with his hand.Or maybe even a death glare.But even though that shows,inside something else lies.


2 friends at school were in need for money.
They finally decided to go out with 2 boys.
I mean,they seemed really nice and they did have money.
They could take care of them both!
But the excitement soon ended when the girls found out they were stuck there,
and actually had to do something in return.

Chapter 1

Alice unpacked in Seunghyun's room.She also cut sides so that he couldnt get near her.She didnt love him and he didnt love her.There was no point in getting close."Done unpacking yet?" Seunghyun asked as he entered the room."Yeah." Alice replied,putting the last bit of her clothes in the drawer."Good,we need to go somewhere." Alice looked up at him and smiled."Have fun." she said and looked out the window."No,you're going." he said,pulling her up from the bed."Ow,stop it.That hurts!" Alice winced and tried to pull away.Seunghyun wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her out of the room.

"Yah!Wake up,we're going somewhere!" Jiyong yelled,shaking Ester awake.Her eyes shot open."Stop!!" she screamed."You need to get ready." Jiyong said."Oh,wow.I am ready." Ester mumbled."Then lets go already!" Jiyong yelled and pulled her out of bed.


"Who are these people?" Alice asked,looking at each one of them."Alice and Ester,this is TaeYang,DaeSung,and Seungri.Taeyang,DaeSung,and Seungri,this is Alice and Ester." Seunghyun smiled."So are these the girls you were talking about?" Seungri asked,checking them out."Yeah,they are." Jiyong said proudly."What,jealous?" Seunghyun asked."Shut the **** up." Taeyang muttered."Well,you met them.Lets go." Jiyong said,pulling Ester out."Not so fast.I still need to get to know them." Seungri said walking up to Ester."Ok..nice,nice.." Without warning he grabbed her ***."Thats good..." he said to himself.Jiyong looked at him with an astounded look."What are you doing?" Jiyong asked,pulling her away from him."I can see why you have her." Seungri chuckled and walked away.TaeYang walked up to Alice.Before he could actually do something,he looked up and backed away.Alice gave him a weird look and looked behind her to see Seunghyun standing,giving a death glare to Taeyang."Ok,I think you know them enough.Lets go." Seunghyun said,still glaring at TaeYang.With that,they left the house.

Chapter 2[code][/code]
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